Once upon a time, back before the existence of iPhones and before the condo population of Austin, TX exceeded its dive bar count, three friends began making music together. Wide-eyed and fresh as daisies, Elizabeth McQueen, Lindsay Greene, and Lauren Gurgiolo honed their chops playing country music in the aforementioned dive bars of the aforementioned city, building a devoted following of two-steppers, music critics, and well-tipped bartenders.

And a fine honing it was. So much so that they eventually all went off separately and got semi-famous and critically-acclaimed. International tours were embarked upon. Grammy nominations were received. Guitars were shredded on late night television. Collaborations with legends were… collaborated. Multimedia art installations were created. Electronic implements of noise-making destruction were invented in secret laboratories. Babies sprung forth from wombs. And suddenly the three of them were all grown up. Poof.

It was in early 2014 that the music gods looked down from their silver amphitheater in the sky and noticed that the three musicians happened to be taking simultaneous breathers back home in Austin. Not being ones to dally, the gods sent down a psychic message with lightning speed: Play together again. Do something… electronic.

And as any seasoned professional knows, ignoring the music gods can lead to horrible consequences. Sophomore slumps and wardrobe malfunctions and ironic comeback tours and the like. In an effort to avoid such calamities, McQueen, Greene, and Gurgiolo formed EMQ, an electronic pop outfit that highlights each of their unique talents. Gurgiolo plays her signature noisy-melodic guitar while Greene plays bass on a variety of synths and homemade, hand-soldered instruments. McQueen fronts the group with her honest, ribbony voice, using the experiences of the last decade as fodder for her newest batch of songs that showcase her depth as a writer and a performer.

In EMQ’s debut EP, a companion piece to an interactive pseudo holographic art installation performed in 2015, McQueen reflects on the many facets of love and commitment, exploring the deep ambivalence that they provoke. And by doing so with two friends who grew up speaking the same musical language, there is nothing at all lost in translation.

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